Is A Microphone An Input or Output Device?

Are Microphones Input or Output Devices

Let’s try to answer some questions around this topic for a better understanding of your equipment and arsenal. Are microphones input or output devices? If a microphone is connected to a computer it takes sounds from outside for the system and relays the information into the system. In this particular case, microphones function as input … Read more

What Causes Your Speakers to Pop and Crackle? (Verified 2022)

What Causes Your Speakers to Pop and Crackle - 2022

If you’re an audiophile like me, it is extremely frustrating to find that your speakers are suddenly making extremely horrible noises that interrupt your listening experience. Especially when you’re listening to your favourite music or maybe playing some dance music at a party. Usually, this type of interruption occurs in the form of popping or … Read more